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Structure of Our Method DELE

I. Description of the Course
The preparation course for the “Diploma de Español como Lengua
Extranjera” (DELE)* prepares the student to successfully pass this
examination and is carried out through practice sessions which focus
on the 05 sections of the exam, which are:
• Reading Comprehension
• Written expression
• Listening comprehension
• Grammar and vocabulary
• Oral expression
* The DELE are official titles accrediting the level of competence and
command of the Spanish language, awarded by the Cervantes Institute on
behalf of the Minister of Education and Science of Spain.
An essentially practical course in which the students take practice
tests created by the Cervantes Institute, which are reviewed,
corrected and explained by the Spanish teacher. Additionally,
reinforcement material prepared by the school is also used.

The course has a duration of 20 sessions of two hours each for each of
the following levels:
• DELE Course (Beginner level)
• DELE Course (Intermediate level)
• DELE Course (Proficiency level)
Start Date:
End Date:
# of sessions:
# of Hours:
Max. # of students per class:
Registration dates:
Total cost of the Course:
Cost includes:

Structure of Our Method CEFR

Listening: understanding familiar everyday expressions and simple sentences
Reading: understanding easy words and sentences
Speaking: communicating in an simple way of the partner speaks slowly
and clearly
Writing: Fill in forms
Schedule hours: 60hours.

Listening: understanding frequent expressions (related to family,
shopping, travelling, etc.)
Reading: understanding easy letters (invitations e. g.), publicity, leaflets
Speaking: communicating in everyday situations
Writing: taking notes
Schedule hours: 60hours.

Listening: getting the essential information of daily communication
Reading: understanding letters related to work and hobbies
Speaking: speaking fluidly about known topics, reasoning
Writing: writing texts about personal information
Schedule hours: 90hours.

Listening: understanding the main information of complex and/or abstract texts
Reading: understanding articles and texts about current topics
Speaking: being able to argument and defend one’s opinion
Writing: writing without problems detailed letters and texts about
one’s specialty
Schedule hours:96 hours.

Listening: understanding without problems conversations, conferences
and detailed reports
Reading: understanding specialized articles
Speaking: speaking spontaneously and fluidly, without much apparent effort
Writing: writing using a clear structure, furthermore being able to
explain complex subjects
Schedule hours: 120hours.

Listening: understanding spoken language without problems
Reading: understanding any kind of text without problems
Speaking: take part clearly and fluidly in any kind of conversation
Writing: writing letters of any type and complex texts
Schedule hours: 120hours.

All levels can be reserved and assign every two Mondays of all months
of the year except on Mexican holidays.