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Structure of Our Method CEFR

Listening: understanding familiar everyday expressions and simple sentences
Reading: understanding easy words and sentences
Speaking: communicating in an simple way of the partner speaks slowly
and clearly
Writing: Fill in forms
Schedule hours: 60hours.

Listening: understanding frequent expressions (related to family,
shopping, travelling, etc.)
Reading: understanding easy letters (invitations e. g.), publicity, leaflets
Speaking: communicating in everyday situations
Writing: taking notes
Schedule hours: 60hours.

Listening: getting the essential information of daily communication
Reading: understanding letters related to work and hobbies
Speaking: speaking fluidly about known topics, reasoning
Writing: writing texts about personal information
Schedule hours: 90hours.

Listening: understanding the main information of complex and/or abstract texts
Reading: understanding articles and texts about current topics
Speaking: being able to argument and defend one’s opinion
Writing: writing without problems detailed letters and texts about
one’s specialty
Schedule hours:96 hours.

Listening: understanding without problems conversations, conferences
and detailed reports
Reading: understanding specialized articles
Speaking: speaking spontaneously and fluidly, without much apparent effort
Writing: writing using a clear structure, furthermore being able to
explain complex subjects
Schedule hours: 120hours.

Listening: understanding spoken language without problems
Reading: understanding any kind of text without problems
Speaking: take part clearly and fluidly in any kind of conversation
Writing: writing letters of any type and complex texts
Schedule hours: 120hours.

All levels can be reserved and assign every two Mondays of all months
of the year except on Mexican holidays.

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