sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010


We are pleased to offer you our courses of Spanish Language for
Foreigners Under the adventure to join a Mexican boyfriend or
girlfriend in Monterrey. Our LCB Spanish School under casual learning
basis are dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign
language to chill out and get to know the way of life of your dear
ones in Town. We are also very flexible in your assign time for
learning Spanish such as days and hours adapting half of moth to cover
special courses.
We promise the best, cost-effective program.
We are the only Monterrey language school in where all the teachers
hold a University Masters degree, either in Literature or Education,
and have taught Spanish as a foreign language for more than 3 / 5
years. Why is this important? Because you need spend less time with us
but learn as much Spanish as you would elsewhere in double the time
(and cost).

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